Actively Alive


This morning I was on our local Rochester morning TV show called,"Good Day Rochester".(ABC/FOX). I was nervous - couldn't feel my fingers nervous and couldn't eat breakfast nervous and couldn't sleep the night before nervous. As we walked into the news station in Henrietta I said tomy husband, "It sure seems like I am getting myself into situations I don't want to be in lately, don't you think?" Although I appreciated the opportunity to be there, my brain goes right back to the space of, not good enough, i'm boring, and I certainly don't have a face/body for TV.

My husband Mark said ,"You are here to talk about Depression and perhaps reach a different audience. You are here to tell your story and tell people it is okay. You are here to help one person realize they are not alone."

(Love this man by the way!)

I took a deep breath and followed the sweet producer, Mike,to the set. Jennifer Johnson, whom I have met before, put me right at ease. I sat down and answered questions from the two woman leading the interview... Reminding myself to stay present and stay true to myself. Reminding myself to just relax, be myself and share myself and experiences. That is all.

I find myself in these unique situations..the ones that scare me. But I'll admit, I kind of like it. What I like is pushing myself out of my comfort zone, I like to see what is possible, I like doing something new. I am starting to like being vulnerable. I get myself into situations where I am out of my comfort zone - it's that scary feeling I need every so often to remind myself what it feels like to be actively alive...and thank god I am! 


If you would like to check out the news segment here is the link.