Project Semicolon

The girl who created the semicolon campaign died today. Her name is Amy Bleuel and she was 31 years old.  She called her Mental Health Awareness campaign, Project Semicolon.

 An author can use a semicolon to create a pause in a sentence....where a sentence could end... but the writer chooses to keep the sentence going. Her campaign has been followed by many who struggle with depression. It can symbolize someone who could end their life, but choose to go on.

I have friends who have a semicolon tattoo. I believe in her campaign and symbol. When I was starting to figure out what to put on my bracelets, the first prototype had a semi colon on it because of her campaign. I am very sad to learn about Amy Bleuel this morning. She ended her own life. I am sad, that even someone out in the open like she was, couldn't find the strength and support to keep going. It makes me sad for the thousands of people who believe and support Project Semicolon. Depression and Mental illness are cruel, relentless and deflating. They need more awareness and discussion. I have been quiet over the winter but look out...this just fired me up.

Google Amy's project. Keep talking, keep sharing.