About the Bracelet

I got the idea to make Depression Awareness Bracelets in 2013, when I was in the depths of a major depressive episode, one that lasted a year. I felt very alone. I felt like there was no one else in my life that could understand. 

I knew deep down inside, I couldn't be the only one. The thing with Depression is you can't see it. It is quiet, and when things are quiet, or hidden, there is shame, which fuels the depression even more. 

I needed some way of helping people in my life understand what I was going through. 

Almost every illness has something to wear to show support. I searched the internet, wanted to purchase something. I couldn't find a thing. 

So, I came up with the idea to make Depression Awareness Bracelets. I created my own logo with the help of artist Wendy Glaess. I even got it trademarked!

My intention for the bracelets is that we can wear them for awareness of the experience we share, but can’t share with each other. The bracelet becomes a conversation starter, an opportunity to move past the shame. 

It is incredibly hard on friends and family when a loved one has depression. If we could be more open we could feel less alone. 

My dream is that one day I am walking through a grocery store or picking my kids from school and see someone else with this bracelet. Without saying a word, we notice. No words are needed. Eye contact is made, we get each other, we support. We know. We connect.

The Mental Health Association of Rochester receives 10% of the profits.