Waving Through A Window



Last weekend, my mom took my sister, my best friend and I, to the Broadway show, Dear Evan Hansen. The show, the music and the story has been sticking with me. Like... I can't stop listening to the music. Like... got up early Thanksgiving Day to watch a performance of it at the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade on TV. Like... googling youTube videos of the cast performances on late night TV. Like asking everyone I come in contact with if they know the show so we can connect on how amazing it was/is.

My take away from the show is that everybody deserves to be seen, and deserves to be heard. Its a simple human right. Not only do we deserve it, but we NEED to be seen and to be heard to live as fulfilled beings. The bummer of it is though..when struggling with the depression, we retreat inward, often unseen AND at the same time...in hiding. So its two fold. The crazy thing of it is though, this is when we need to be seen and heard the most only to hide even deeper.

I think we all thrive when we are seen. Maybe that annoying kid you grew up with or the co-worker you struggle with or the loved one who makes it really difficult to love ....maybe they just need to be seen. If perhaps we pause, take a breath and really see... we wouldn't be waving through windows, but rather opening them up.