I Am


The yoga studio where I work is starting a social media series on all of us instructors. When my friend who was filming said I can talk about anything I feel like sharing..."You could talk about depression maybe..." because she knows I am so open about it. Sometimes I feel like that is all i talk about - definitely a lot of energy is put in that hat. I decided to talk about handstands instead.

Driving to work yesterday morning I was thinking about who I would have been if depression never entered my life. Would I be a yoga teacher? Would I even do yoga at all? Would I be able to see other people's pain like i can now?... With every lesson learned a different trail is blazed. I guess we all have our defining moments. Those moments that make us who we are...the ones that toughen you up and the ones that make you soft. (Neither has judgement attached by the way - it just is)  Its all a part of the journey. Today in class I said , " You can't win at Yoga" ...You have to just go with the flow and enjoy the ride - the struggles and the joys. Same goes for living -you don't win - you just live. 

I am much more than my depression, but I am who I am because of it.